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Over years our experience has been when graduates/post-graduates start looking for a job as fresher’s many of them, unfortunately, are not aware what a company looks for in them. Lot of potential and skilled people don’t get a job, do you know why?

 In college you are trained to learn more than experiment more.

You have done your projects but did not focus on the objective and the eventual result expected from the same.

The technical knowledge, unfortunately, is not in pace with the industry requirement.

So how do we bridge the gap –

We start by evaluating and determining what you want to do.

We would like you to be groomed to not only clear your job position interview (technical skills) but would like you to have the confidence, communication, skill and knowledge to start well as a fresher.

We will not only train you to be technically strong but ensure you understand the importance of having the knowledge and real experience to take up challenges that companies expect you to fill in.

A fresher, definitely does not have the experience but we would like you to have a will, the desire and the confidence to accept tough positions when you start.

A multi-national or large IT company would allow training programs but can everyone avail these without getting a job through a campus?

Certainly not, that’s why we are here to impart this from our experience and knowledge that will allow you to get trained and be ready for the real world!

This is not a you pay you join program.

We believe in picking the training candidates based on their desire and objective to get into this industry as we would not like to make false promises to you but would like you to have the confidence of getting a job that will take you miles up rather than just get you started for a compromise.