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A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of education courses or training programs.

Advantages of using LMS

  • Centralized content for knowledge delivering, sharing and collaboration.
  • Course/Training Material can be displayed in a variety of formats. It can be more interactive and collaborative too.
  • The content can be run through at convenient time of user. Thus the trainer or trainee not able to attend the session together is not a problem here unlike the case of mandatory face to face sessions.
  • Paper work is reduced to a great extent.
  • Assessment can be done in the form of quiz with automatic scoring thus reducing manual assessment time and unbiased scores. Multiple attempts can be allowed and aggregate or highest grades can be considered.
  • Tracking, Progress and Grade reports

E-learning Solutions provided by our software

  • Customizable and Graphical Dashboard
  • Manage courses and content in almost any format – Plain text, HTML, Audio, Video, SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)
  • Basic Whiteboard integration
  • Contents managed in a way to achieve all the quailities of an e-learning solution
    • Store - Facility to store files, webpages, folders, links, database, LMS package, labels, portfolio
    • Communicate - Messaging, forums, calendars, chatrooms are provided for effective communication
    • Evaluate -  Various forms of evaluations like survey, assignment, gradebook, choice, quiz, scales, grades, ratings are supported
    • Collaborate - It can be achieved through workshop, database, blog, glossary, wiki, lesson, forum, social network
  • Manage roles of user for each of the courses for restricting access to the contents and features
  • Periodic reminders to users for timeline based course activities and updates on the site.
  • Automated certificate generation and allow access to certificate on specifc criterias only
  • Grade report geneartion and export facility
  • Conditional course access
  • Custom completion criteria setting and related progress bar displays
  • Advanced Quiz questions setup like drag and drop, match the following, pattern matching
  • A basic DMS to manage files per user
  • Custom Surveys and Reports
  • Statistical reports to
    • View individual user's progress per/all course
    • View Customized Grade and Progressreport
    • View Logged Users per month
    • View number of users per course per role
  • Organization structure setup and reports to
    •  Manage the levels and deparments in the organization
    • Assign users to appropriate levels and departments
    • View the details of all users under a particular user
    • Update/Delete the levels/deparments and unassign users from the structure
    • View the log of significal activities
    • Report access to the users in a level to view the details of all the downline users (users under him)
  • A Reporting tool to generate almost any ad-hoc report

We can deliver and enhance our software to match your exact requirements.