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When you pay a search engine for each visitor they send to your site, this is called pay per click (PPC). It’s a way to advertise on the internet that allows you to buy your way to the top of search results pages for search phrases relevant to your business.

Our aim is to show you how best to invest in this rapidly growing, extremely effective, yet highly competitive market easily and with a very low initial investment.

The Process we follow to setup a Pay Per Click Management Program:-

  • Plan the Campaign - From the beginning we work on your website to identify the customers to be targeted, your objectives and performance and measurement criteria for your business. This stage also involves implementing tracking requirements on your site.
  • Keyword Mining - For any business there are typically thousands of keywords that consumers are searching for. We use keyword mining techniques that will identify even the most specific search terms needed to increase your ROI.
  • Optimize Your AD Copy - This is the most critical phase done for each keyword because the quality of the ad copy has a massive effect on both the quantity and quality of the visitors PPC generates for your site. We carry out extensive title and description targeting to dramatically increase click-through-rates and improve onsite conversions.
  • Bid Management Software- This phase begins once the traffic flows to your site we work at improving your client conversion rate and ROI. This statistically intensive process requires up to a month's worth of work to finally reach the optimum ROI for any of your campaigns.
  • Reporting - We provide you with regular weekly performance reports and, where required, real time reports on all information from keyword click costs through to ROI measurements. This process enables us to maintain conversion rates to the highest levels over long periods of time and also keep you fully informed of progress.

If you are a site owner or a business professional who wants exposure on net on a wider basis, want heavy traffic coming to your site join hands with us. We assure you profitable returns to your business for the investment you have put in.